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Incidents and Accidents

We have compiled a list of accidents and other incidents to show the extent of the harm from the horse-drawn carriages industry. Data becomes more robust in recent years as reporting incidents with horse-drawn carriages was not a priority for many municipalities in the past. Our work is changing that.

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This list is not comprehensive and should not be used for legal purposes.


New York City, NY- September 23, 2021

Carriage horse suffers bloody injury after crashing into car in NYC
A carriage horse suffered a bloody injury Thursday when it crashed into the back of a BMW sedan in Midtown, according to police.

Charleston, SC,- June 19, 2021

2 hospitalized in hit-and-run between horse carriage, semi-truck
The Charleston Police Department says two people have been taken to the hospital after a hit-and-run crash between a horse carriage and a semi-truck in downtown Charleston.

Florence, Italy,- June 14, 2021

Horse-drawn carriage hits minister’s car in Florence
A tourist horse-drawn carriage hit visiting Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese’s car in Florence after the animal took fright and bolted on Monday afternoon.

Waxhaw, NC – April 3, 2021

GRAPHIC: Horse, woman recovering after vicious dog attacks horse-drawn carriage in Union County
A woman and horse are recovering after a vicious dog attacked a horse-drawn carriage ride in Union County last weekend.

Maxatawny Township, PA – March 25, 2021

Horse-drawn buggy flips in accident on Route 222 in northeastern Berks
A horse-drawn buggy overturned on its roof after colliding with a truck cab on Route 222 at the entrance to Arby’s restaurant in Maxatawny Township, Berks County emergency officials said Thursday.

Williamsburg, VA – March 5, 2021

This headline could’ve been written 250 years ago: Carriage accident in Williamsburg
Spooked horses led to a crash off Duke of Gloucester Street that left a carriage heavily damaged but no one seriously injured.

Now, there’s a sentence that could’ve been written centuries ago.

Brooklyn, NY – February 2021

NYPD horses break loose, run free through Brooklyn
A pair of cops lost control of their steeds in Brooklyn on Thursday afternoon, police said.

The horse chase happened just before 12:30 p.m. when the officers climbed down from their saddles because one had a minor medical issue while riding in Midwood, police said.

Pasadena, CA – February 2021

Two Injured When Horse-Drawn Carriage Tips Over To Its Side

Two people suffered minor injuries when the horse-drawn carriage they were riding in somehow tipped over, landing on its side during a funeral procession Saturday in Pasadena.

Mayari, Cuba – January 2021

Mayari’s Potholes and Horse-Drawn Carriages

There’s been a new accident here in Mayari involving public transport in recent days: a horse-drawn wagon. It is already the third one of such severity in less than three months, the result of the poor state the city’s streets, especially the main roads which public transport circulate upon.


Frankenmuth, Michigan – December 2020

Man arrested after hit-and-run crash with horse-drawn carriage in Frankenmuth
A suspect has been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run crash involving a horse-drawn carriage over the weekend in Frankenmuth.

Virginia Beach, Virginia – November 2020

Employee fired, 3 injured after horse-drawn carriage struck by vehicle in Virginia Beach crash
One person was fired and three people were sent to the hospital after a horse-drawn carriage was involved in a crash overnight in Virginia Beach.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – September 2020

Oklahoma City firefighters lead team effort in rescuing Belgian Draft horse used for carriage rides in Bricktown
Oklahoma City firefighters led a team effort when they helped rescue a Belgian Draft horse who fell Friday evening while he was being taken to downtown Oklahoma City to pull carriages.

Crawford County, Pennsylvania – July 2020

Amish Buggy hit-and-run Leaves Spartansburg Residents Feeling Uneasy.
Four occupants of a horse-drawn Amish buggy were were injured after a hit and run crash involving the buggy and an SUV in Crawford County Sunday.

UK – January 2020

Horse filmed smashing into central reservation after being forced to race along A-road.
DISTRESSING CONTENT: A video circulating on social media shows two horses being raced along a busy A-road followed by 4×4 vehicles, with one of the animals crashing into the central reservation


Melbourne, Australia – December 2019

Carriage driver kicks horse in head, calls it ‘lazy’ after it collapses on street, witness says
A video of a frustrated Melbourne, Australia carriage driver kicking a horse and yelling at it to get up has viewers across the internet outraged.

Norman, Oklahoma – October 2019

Oklahoma’s Sooner Schooner Crashes On Field In Terrifying Scene
After the Sooners’ latest touchdown, the Sooner Scooner went out for its customary stroll. The celebration took a scare turn when the horses leading the Sooner Schooner cut on too much of an angle. As a result, the wagon flipped over and the passengers were sent tumbling to the ground.

Rome, Italy – October 2019

Horse collapses near Rome’s Spanish Steps
One of Rome’s ‘botticelle’ horses collapsed on Via dei Condotti, the exclusive shopping street near the Spanish Steps, on the morning of 17 October, reigniting the debate about why the animals are still in operation around the city.

Clinton, Maine – August 12, 2019

4 injured, 1 critically, after horse-drawn carriage crash in Maine
Maine police say four people were injured when a horse-drawn wagon struck a vehicle and a telephone pole.

Officer Phil DiLuca of the Clinton Police Department says the “freak accident” happened Sunday when a loud noise spooked the two horses, causing the driver to lose control.

Cincinnati, Ohio – August 09, 2019

Wrong-way driver hits horse-drawn carriage, flees scene
A wrong-way driver hit a horse-drawn carriage late Thursday night in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood, police said.

Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico – July 17, 2019

Se desploma un caballo en Izamal, el segundo en menos de una semana
En menos de una semana, un nuevo desplome de un caballo de calesa aconteció en Izamal. Los hechos ocurrieron a las 11 de la mañana, ante la mirada desesperada de varios turistas nacionales.

Charleston, SC – July 12, 2019

City says Charleston carriage horse fell during tour, has no ‘significant injuries’
A carriage horse suffered minor injuries after tripping and falling during a tour in downtown Charleston Friday morning, city officials said.

Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico – July 12, 2019

Se desploma caballo que jalaba una calesa en Izamal, ante turistas y vecinos
El hecho ocurrió ayer en la tarde, a un costado del parque Zamná, donde habían numerosos vecinos y turistas nacionales, así como algunos extranjeros, quienes presenciaron el triste espectáculo.

Merida, Yucatán, México – June 25, 2019

Carriage horse falls in busy hotel zone intersection
A carriage horse is OK after being apparently hit by a dump truck outside the Hyatt Regency hotel, said UADY veterinarians.

Cardiff, Wales – May 2019

Two men have been arrested after a horse collapsed on a main street in Cardiff city centre.
The men, aged 21 and 25, are in custody after being arrested on suspicion of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia – May 2019

Lunenburg RCMP are investigating a collision where a horse ran into a business window on Montague St. in Lunenburg.
It is believed that the horse became spooked and took off running with passengers on board, first striking a parked vehicle and eventually crashing into a glass window at a local business.

Kansas City – April 2019

Witness describes accident involving horse-drawn carriage
A witness describes what she saw after an accident involving a horse-drawn carriage on the County Club Plaza.

Savannah, GA – April 2019

Horse-drawn carriage incident called minor but groups react anyway
Animal Advocates are speaking out again regarding horse-drawn carriages in downtown Savannah after an issue with a carriage Monday night.

Manila, Philippines – April 2019

A horse made to pull tourists in a carriage in temperatures of more than 30°C has been photographed after collapsing to the floor with exhaustion.
Witnesses came to throw water on the visibly underweight animal as it held up traffic after its legs buckled and it fell in the middle of the road.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada – February 2019

All parties are doing well after a horse carriage incident in Niagara-on-the-Lake last Saturday which saw a carriage driver kicked multiple times and a horse trip and fall.

Savannah, GA – February 2019

Horse carriage crash injures 7 in Savannah. Should the city end the rides? Vote in our poll
Witnesses said the horse became spooked by loud noises in downtown Savannah, leading to a crash that injured several.




Asheville, NC – December 2018

Wagon driver injured after horses run away in South Asheville
A woman was sent to the hospital after a pair horses pulling her covered wagon reportedly became spooked and ran away along a busy road in South Asheville.

Hot Springs, AR – December 2018

Hit & Run of Horse Drawn Carriage Injures 1 in Hot Springs
A Lafayette County woman is recovering after being injured this past weekend when a hit and run driver struck a horse drawn carriage she was riding on in downtown Hot Springs.

O’Fallon, MO – November 2018

Debate over horse-drawn carriage rides comes to the forefront in O’Fallon MO
Austin Kirk, the General Manager of Brookdale Farms, says a horse named Thor ran into problems two times trying to pull a carriage filled with 12 people up a hill.

Dublin Ireland – October 2018

Man hospitalised after horse and carriage collides with car in Dublin city centre in early hours of the morning
The horse was startled following the incident and bolted for 100 metres.

NYC, NY – October 2018

‘Terrified’ Carriage Horse Falls In Columbus Circle
Charleston A carriage horse fell on its side just south of Central Park on Tuesday morning, eliciting dueling statements about carriage horses’ welfare—and future in New York City.

Charleston, SC – September 2018

CPD responds to horse carriage accident
Charleston Police say a horse pulling a carriage got spooked and the driver and a passenger were thrown off the carriage.

Valletta, Malta – August 2018

Horse-Drawn Carriage Overturns In Valletta As Horse ‘Slips’
A horse-drawn carriage has overturned in Valletta after the horse pulling the carriage “slipped” for an unknown reason, police have said. At around 5:30 Monday evening, the carriage ended up hanging off of the barrier as the horse lay on the floor, before getting back up, apparently unharmed, according to the police.

Victoria, British Columbia – August 2018

Horses from Victoria Carriage Tours involved in second incident in three months
Witnesses: Horses veered into a parked vehicle, smashing windows, climbing onto roof with front hooves

Edmonton, Alberta – August 2018

Horse-drawn wagon overturns at Fort Edmonton Park, six injured
Six people were taken to hospital after a horse-drawn wagon overturned at Fort Edmonton Park Wednesday. The people inside the wagon were ejected. One of the adults is in serious condition and the other five are in stable condition, EMS said.

Drummondville, Québec – August 2018

Un cheval s’effondre en plein Village Québécois d’Antan
Un cheval qui tire des carrioles au Village Québécois d’Antan de Drummondville a subi un coup de chaleur et s’est effondré lundi devant de nombreux visiteurs.

Pieta, Malta – August 2018

Horse pulling carriage collapses in sweltering heat
Drivers and commuters could only watch in despair as a horse pulling a carriage collapsed in the sweltering heat in Pieta on Saturday afternoon.

Round Lake, Saskatchewan – July 2018

Horse-drawn carriage with 18 youth onboard crashes near Round Lake in Sask.
A wagon carrying 18 youth near Round Lake in Saskatchewan crashed into some trees, injuring some of the children, after the animals were spooked.

New Orleans, LA – July 2018

French Quarter buggy carrying 10 people flips over
A French Quarter buggy carrying 10 people flipped over Friday (July 13), leaving one woman caught underneath the carriage and a mule on the loose…

Memphis, TN – July 2018

Carriage horse runs wild through Downtown, injures at least one person
A horse pulling a carriage ran wild through Downtown on Friday night and injured at least one person…

Fox River Resort, Illinois – July 2018

Eight injured in carriage accident after horses are spooked
After a horse-drawn wagon accident at Fox River Resort at Norway, several people, ranging from 1 year old to 30 and older, were transported to local hospitals, according to La Salle County Sheriff’s Office.

England – June 2018

Horror as spooked horse ‘bolts through glass window’ in Ascot
A horse crashed through the window of a clothing shop in Ascot today, just a short walk away from the racecourse.

Memphis – May 2018

Shots fired at horse drawn carriage in Downtown Memphis
Memphis Police are investigating the assault of a horse carriage driver that resulted in gun shots in the middle of a traffic on Front Street Saturday night.

England – May 2018

Hunt for owners of horse left bleeding in the road after head-on collision with a car
The animal welfare charity is now appealing for the public’s help in tracing those believed to be the animal’s owners, after they left the injured horse at the scene.

Abilene, TX – May 2018

State Sen. Dawn Buckingham escapes injury in runaway horse carriage
A carriage driver was injured after a motorcycle reportedly startled horses pulling the carriage, causing them to run off the road.

Victoria, BC – May 2018

Horses collapse at Ogden Point “It was shocking and traumatic” says witness.
“A horse pulling the trolley dropped dead or at least looked like it at the stop sign of Dallas and the cruise terminal roadway. The horse was not moving lying on it’s side when it then pulled the horse it was attached to down too. It was shocking and traumatic. I only looked for about 30 seconds and thought I would be sick.”
View the video (disturbing)

Charleston, SC – May 2018

Horse slips and falls pulling carriage in downtown Charleston
Lucy, a 10 year old horse with Palmetto Carriage Co., slipped and fell about 4:30 p.m. while pulling a carriage at Rutledge & Wentworth.

Marrakech, Morocco – April 2018

Carriage Horse Badly Injured After Crashing into Car in Marrakech
After a fight occurred between two horses, one of them nervously moved toward a passing car, according to Hassan, a member of an association of horse-drawn carriages in Marrakech.

Istanbul, Turkey – April 2018

Anger sparked again after horse on Istanbul’s Princes’ Islands collapses
After a fight occurred between two horses, one of them nervously moved toward a passing car, according to Hassan, a member of an association of horse-drawn carriages in Marrakech.

Sevilla, Spain – April 2018

Horse dies while others collapse from exhaustion at Feria de Abril de Sevilla in Andalucia
A SICK horse has died while many others have collapsed at the Feria de Abril in Sevilla this week — Video of the incident

Dunloe Pass, Ireland – April 2018

American couple killed after horse-drawn carriage crashes in Ireland
An American couple riding in a horse-drawn carriage in Ireland was killed when their pony lost its footing and flung them 20 feet down a rocky ravine.

Charleston, SC – April 2018

Two people injured after delivery truck spooks carriage mule in Charleston

NYC, NY – February 4, 2018

3 Hurt After Spooked Horse Goes Berserk, Hits Cars: NYPD
A horse pulling a carriage near Central Park was spooked by an umbrella and hysterically crashed into three parked cars, police said.

New Orleans, LA – February 2, 2018

Man gets citation for beating frightened horse during parade
A man caught on camera hitting and kicking a horse before a parade in New Orleans has been issued a citation for animal cruelty, animal rights advocates said Tuesday.

San Antonio, TX – January 2018

Horse-drawn carriage operator killed in Bandera County collision
The operator of a new carriage service in Bandera was killed Tuesday afternoon when an SUV crashed into her horse-drawn vehicle just outside of town, the Texas Department of Public Safety said Tuesday.

Savanah, GA – January 2018

Icy fall leads to change for Savannah’s horse carriage tours
The city of Savannah now prohibits horse carriages from operating in dangerously cold weather, with the recent passage of an amendment to the ordinance regulating the industry.

Charleston, South Carolina – January 2018

Code: Animal Injury Company: Palmetto Carriage Works


Oconomowoc, WI – December 2017

Horse-drawn carriage collides with two cars in Oconomowoc
A runaway, horse-drawn carriage with eight people on board crashed into a pair of vehicles in Oconomowoc.

Jakarta, Indonesia – November 2017

Animal rights activists urge new Jakarta administration not to let horse carriages return to Monas
Horse-drawn carriages, known locally as delman, have become a relatively rare sight in Jakarta but still operate in some areas of the capital. One place you won’t find them in is the area around the capital’s iconic Monumen Nasional (Monas), though that may change soon – despite the concerns of animal rights activists.

Sheridan, MI – October 2017

3 Children Dead in Crash Involving Horse Carriage in Michigan
Besides the three who died, six other people were seriously injured in the crash that took place at around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, Oct 29, near Sheridan, Michigan, Fox 17 reported.

Charleston, SC – October 2017

Code: Animal Injury Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Borgetto, Sicily – September 2017

Horse collapses from exhaustion while pulling newly married couple’s wedding carriage up hill
“To reach the church, the animal was forced to make a steep climb (on the only road) which was slippery because of the rain,” Mr Rizzi said on Facebook. “It arrived at the entrance and it crashed to the ground.”

Montreal, Canada – September 2017

A video showing a distressed horse lying on a street in Old Montreal has revived the debate over calèches in the city
“I saw the two front legs of the horse bend and she hit the ground headfirst,” Villeneuve told The Dodo. “The horse was unresponsive. No movement at all.” They removed the harness from the horse, but when the horse still didn’t budge, Villeneuve watched as they tried to pull the horse by the bit in her mouth.

Memphis, TN – September 2017

Carriage horse dies in downtown Memphis
Witnesses who saw the incident said it’s not something they’ll forget. “Every time they tried to pick the horse up, it goes right back down, and it’s just very upsetting,” witness Mary Ann Gross said.

St. Louis, MO – July 2017

Horse carriage ride goes awry for family on St. Louis Riverfront
“We seen the carriage veering in the wrong lane and as it veered over in the wrong lane we seen one of the passengers that was in the carriage jump out of it with a baby. But as he did that, the rider with horse was trying to get the horse to calm down! But the horse was steady shaking, wouldn’t calm down.”

Guadalajara, Mexico – July 2017

An On-duty Carriage Horse Dropped Dead Sunday
“A necropsy conducted on the nine-year-old equine, known as Pantera, found that it had died from heart respiratory failure due to constriction from inflamed intestines.”

Seville, Spain – July 2017

Seville Horse Carriage Shame
“Animal cruelty, Horse fainted in 42 degree heat, Made to Work again!!”

Cleveland, OH – July 2017

Horse Collapses Downtown, Igniting Renewed Fury Over Horse-Drawn Carriages in Cleveland
“He was clearly terrified because he kept peeing everywhere and was so exhausted he was not able to stand,” Evie Grabsky wrote on Facebook, “and yet the carriage driver was trying to get him down the hill and to keep going instead of pull[ing] him off to the side of the road to avoid being hit by a car like many horses being used for this do.” Video of the later part of the incident shows the horse lying on the ground as people try to help it up. Once it’s upright, the horse runs down the hill into late-night bumper-to-bumper Flats traffic before falling down again.

Charleston, SC – June 2017

Carriage driver injured in Charleston accident
Multiple accidents are drawing attention to a fixture in Charleston — the horse-drawn carriages that cater to tourists.

Charleston, SC – May 2017

Code: Bodily Injury Company: Charleston Carriage Works

Charleston, SC – May 2017

Code: Bodily Injury Company: Charleston Carriage Works

Charleston, SC – May 2017

Code: Bodily Injury Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Charleston, SC – May 2017

Code: Vehicle-Carriage Accident, Animal Injury Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Charleston, SC – April 2017

VIDEO: Carriage Horse falls in Downtown Charleston

Charleston, SC – April 2017

Code: Animal Injury Company: Charleston Carriage Works

Charleston, SC – March 2017

Code: Bodily Injury Company: Old South Carriage Company

Charleston, SC – March 2017

Code: Animal Injury Company: Old South Carriage Company

Charleston, SC – March 2017

Code: Private Property Damage Company: Old South Carriage Company

NYC, NY – February 2017

Collapsed Carriage Horse in Central Park Sparks Calls for Investigation
New York animal rights group NYCLASS said bystanders reported that a white carriage horse began breathing heavily before collapsing on the ground just before 10 a.m. Tuesday Feb. 21 near Tavern on the Green in the park. The group provided images of the incident it said was taken by eyewitnesses. It believed the horse had just started its shift pulling carriages for the day. Photos showed the horse first kneeling on the ground, and then fully splayed out on its side on the road.

Charleston, South Carolina – February 2017

Code: Bodily Injury Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Manilla, Phillipines – January 2017

Horse suffers broken leg after being hit by bus in Manila
According to witnesses, a Green Star passenger bus hit the horse which was drawing a calesa along Magsaysay Boulevard. Instead of stopping, the bus sped on leaving the injured horse slumped beside a passenger jeepney.

Charleston, South Carolina – January 2017

Code: Animal Injury Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Township of Perth East, Ontario – January 2017

Horse, man dead in collision between car and buggy
Police say a 74-year-old man has died after a car collided with a horse-drawn buggy in the Township of Perth East, Ont. Ontario Provincial Police say all four people in the buggy were injured in the crash, which happened at about 8:30 a.m. Sunday. They say the horse drawing the buggy also died as a result of the crash.


St. Louis, MO – December 2016

Spooked carriage horse drowns after running into the Missouri River along St. Charles riverfront
A startled horse dragging a carriage dashed into the Missouri River along the St. Charles riverfront and drowned in the frigid water Wednesday night as handlers looked on, unable to help. Greg Streeter, who owns St. Louis Carriage Company, said the horse saw the water and tried to stop or turn but slid into the river.

Charleston, SC – December 2016

Code: Equipment damage Company: Old South Carriage Company

Willmar, MN – December 2016

Driver dies after weekend crash of horse-drawn wagon at Minnesota holiday event
They bolted for about a mile before turning into a driveway and crashing into a basketball pole. He was the worst hurt. The pole struck him, knocking him out of his seat and into the back of the wagon. He suffered a heart attack and back injury sometime during the crash, family members told a Salvation Army spokesman.

Kansas City, MO – December 2016

Future of horse-drawn carriages uncertain after accident on plaza injures 3 people and horse
The cancellation comes after emergency crews rushed two carriage passengers to the hospital Saturday night. Police said the carriage driver was thrown from his perch after a spooked horse crashed the buggy into a wall near Ward Parkway and Broadway.

Vancouver, BC – November 2016

Riders thrown from Stanley Park carriage after horses spooked
A group of horse-drawn carriage riders in Vancouver’s Stanley Park were taken on a wild ride after the animals became spooked by a car horn and bolted.

Chehalis, WA – October 2016

Multi-Million Dollar Claims Filed Against Lewis County for Injuries Caused by Runaway Horse at Fairgrounds
According to the claims, John suffered a severe brain injury and multiple fractures, contusions and other injuries. He has undergone several surgeries, and further surgeries are likely, stated the claim. “The extent of his brain injury is unknown at this time,” states the claim. Helen, the 4-year-old, suffered injuries to her head, face and left arm, including five facial fractures under her eyes. According to the claim, she has permanent facial scarring, and it is unknown if surgery will be required.

Charleston, SC – September 2016

Code: Equipment Failure Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

NYC, NY – September 2016

Driver pushed a carriage horse to collapse in the street
A 14-year-old carriage horse “collapsed” at a busy Midtown intersection, but the carriage driver was in no rush to help the fallen gelding, according to a man who claims to have witnessed and photographed the incident. The horse lay on the pavement in the middle of 50th Street and 12th Avenue for more than 20 minutes on Sept. 2 shortly before 2 a.m., according to Bogdan Paul Angheluta.

Charleston, SC – September 2016

Code: Bodily Injuries Company: Old South Carriage Company

Anderson, IN – September 2016

Yorktown man is ‘person of interest’ in buggy hit-and-run
ONE OF TWO HORSES, ROMAN, WAS SO SERIOUSLY INJURED IN THE ACCIDENT A VETERINARIAN EUTHANIZED HIM AT THE ACCIDENT SCENE — Scott was treated for a concussion and large cut on his right knee at St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital.

Charleston, SC – September 2016

Carriage horse bleeding on Charleston street sparks social media storm
“When they finally ripped off his shoe, a large chunk of his hoof came off with it,” according to the post. “The horse was just starting to walk away on his injured foot, when a carriage employee rushed out to try and erase evidence of the incident.”

Charleston carriage horse injured when horseshoe breaks

Farwell, MI – August 2016

SUV collides with horse-drawn carriage, Amish family of six injured
Six members of an Amish family were injured, and their horse put down, after an SUV rear-ended their carriage Saturday morning on a road outside of Clare.

New Orleans, LA – July 30, 2016

Several people injured after a truck and horse carriage collide
“NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) – New Orleans police investigate an accident in the French Quarter.
Authorities report a vehicle collided with a horse carriage on Saturday afternoon.
The incident happened at the intersection of St. Peter Street and Chartres Street.

Charleston, SC – July 2016

Police: Carriage horses spooked, crashed into brick wall downtown
“A Charleston carriage company said he’s never seen anything like it.” A pair of mules got spooked Sunday morning touring through downtown Charleston. General Manager Tommy Doyle said one of the passengers, Anna Mallardi, jumped off the carriage and injured her ankle.

Charleston, SC – July 2016

Code: Carriage Damage Company: Old South Carriage Company

Thanksgiving Point, UT – July 2016

Mother upset about family’s close call in carriage crash at Thanksgiving Point
The crash occurred when the horses pulling the carriage, apparently being driven by a teenage girl, became spooked and crashed into two trees, Jones said. She and her four children, from 4 months to 9 years old, suffered various cuts, bruises, a bloody nose and a scratched eye, she said, but it could have been a lot worse.

Charleston, SC – July 2016

Code: Bodily Injuries Company: Old South Carriage Company

Mackinac Island, MI – July 2016

Grand Hotel Horse Carriage Crashes into Mackinac Island Home
A Grand Hotel horse carriage crashed into a Mackinac Island home after the hotel’s managing director says the horses were spooked.

Melbourne, Australia – July 2016

Horse smashes head through tram window in Swanston Street
According to police, the animal was dragged along by the tram for a short distance and suffered minor injuries to its head, face and foot.

Palma, Spain – June 2016

Carriage horse killed in Palma
It would seem that the horse suddenly bolted, crashed into a wall and was killed and that the cause of this was that it panicked when a tourist went to pet it.

Charleston, SC – April 2016

Code: Property Damage Company: Old South Carriage Company

Grey Highlands, Ontario – April 2016

One person dead after horse-drawn carriage, minivan collide near Orangeville
Provincial Police say a 5-YEAR-OLD GIRL IS DEAD after a van collided with a horse-drawn carriage north of Orangeville. Police say the minivan and the carriage, carrying nine people, collided Sunday morning on Highway 10. A 26-year-old woman, who was also in the carriage, was airlifted to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Charleston, SC – April 2016

Code: Property Damage Company: Old South Carriage Company

Charleston, SC – March 2016

Code: Animal Injury Company: Old South Carriage Company

Charleston, South Carolina – March 2016

Code: Vehicle Carriage accident Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Charleston, South Carolina – February 2016

Code: Bodily Injuries Company: Classic Carriage Company


Waterville, ME – December 2015

Rome woman in Waterville Christmas Day horse-drawn wagon accident dies
The woman who was injured when a car hit a horse-drawn wagon in waterville on Christmas day has died.

Chicago, IL – August 2015

Horse collapses outside the Hershey store near the horse carriage stands at 10:30 pm
Unfortunately, no media outlets were alerted to this accident.

Marbella, Spain – August 2015

Calls to Ban Carriage Horses after Horse in Marbella Collapses from Heatstroke
The carriage horse collapsed from heat exhaustion in the Albarizas neighbourhood. Pictures of the horse sparked cries to ban carriage rides in Marbella, where horses are often forced to stand in the direct sun for hours on end.

St. Louis, MO – August 2015

Driver of horse carriage run over by hit-and-run driver in downtown St. Louis
A female driver of a horse and carriage was hurt after being run over by a minivan that fled the scene in the 500 block of North Broadway in downtown St. Louis Friday evening. The horse, Maverick, suffered some scratches and was spooked, and the carriage, a “cinderella-style” one, was totaled, said Jerry Kirk, owner of the carriage company.

Bermuda – August 2015

Horse collapse prompts appeal for shelter
An animal charity is renewing its appeal for a designated water shelter for horses to be built in Dockyard.

The call comes after a horse collapsed in the searing heat at 12.30pm on Wednesday while returning to its stable.

Quebec, Canada – August 2015

Caleche horse collapses in Old Quebec
A horse collapsed Thursday night in the heart of Old Quebec and a photo posted on Facebook has led many to take pity on the beast, while his owner ensures that the animals are “happy” and treated well.

Charleston, SC – July 2015

5-year-old kicked by mule, suffers concussion
A 5-year-old girl was sent to the emergency room after a Charleston carriage tour mule kicked her in the head.

Charleston, SC – July 2015

Blondie the horse’s accident raises moral questions about the carriage tour industry
Meet Blondie. He’s a quiet, well-mannered Belgian horse who spent most of his first 12 years working in the fields of Ohio Amish country. Human employees of his current owner, Old South Carriage Company in downtown Charleston, say they see him as a coworker.

Presque Isle, ME – July 2015

Car strikes Amish buggy in The County, 2 injured
Two members of a northern Maine Amish community were injured when their horse-drawn carriage was struck from behind by a motor vehicle Wednesday evening, according to Presque Isle police. The seriously injured horse was euthanized at the scene.

Charleston, SC – July 2015

Charleston carriage horse collapses after being spooked by truck
A carriage horse collapsed in downtown Charleston Friday morning after being spooked by a cement truck.

Natchez, MS – June 2015

Horse runs into traffic; Has to be euthanized
In June, three occupants were ejected and transported to a Pennsylvania hospital to be treated for serious injuries. THE HORSE DIED ON THE SCENE

Keene, NH – June 2015

Horse carriage crash with school aged children
The carriage held 16 1st-graders and nine adults when the horses “went a little bit out of control,” Keene police Lt. Todd Lawrence said.


Rome, Italy – Oct 2014

Horse collapses in central Rome
Animal pulling carriage keels over near parliament. A horse drawing a carriage collapsed in the middle of Via del Corso in front of tourists and shoppers at 15.30 on 30 October.

Chicago, IL – July 2014

Van hit a horse carriage
Five people, including four children, were hospitalized after accident in River West. According to the carriage owner, the driver was thrown from the carriage and fractured her wrist and has some bumps and bruises.

Cincinnati, OH – June 2014

Woman hospitalized in horse-drawn carriage accident
The driver of a horse carriage is still in the hospital after an accident nearly threw her off the Taylor Southgate Bridge on Thursday.

The FOX19 Investigates team found this isn’t the first carriage accident in Cincinnati. Public records show two accidents occurred on December 10, 2011 when the horse and carriage got loose without a driver. There was a horse on Vine Street and one on Walnut roaming downtown Cincinnati and blocking intersections, documents show. In September 2010, a horse carriage side-swiped a car and fled the scene. Records indicate at least five accidents involving horse-drawn carriages have happened in Cincinnati since 2009.

Savannah, GA – April 2014

Tourists forced to jump from runaway horse carriage in Savannah, Ga.
A group of New Yorkers traveled to what many would consider the far less hectic Savannah, Ga., for vacation only to find themselves careening through the streets in a runaway horse-drawn carriage.


Data coming soon – 2013


Philadelphia, PA – July 2012

Horse-carriage driver hurt in Old City accident
A 21-year-old woman was seriously injured Friday afternoon when a horse-drawn carriage she was operating hit a car in Old City, police and fire officials said.

Galveston, TX – July 2012

Galveston police identify tourist killed when drunk driver slams into back of horse-drawn carriage
Four other people were injured


Data coming soon – 2011


Philadelphia, PA – 2010

Phila. horse carriage crash prompts calls for a ban
A serious accident in downtown Philadelphia involving three horse carriages today – that injured as many as five people and five horses – is renewing calls to put the carriages out to pasture.

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