We have lost too many horses


We have compiled a list of fatalities, both human and equine. This list is still in progress and by no means comprehensive as reporting of these heinous accidents was sparse in the past. While the list might not be all-inclusive, it is far too long as it stands now.

Links to articles appear when possible — Links are underlined.

Sparkle – January 2018

RIP Sparkle

Jasmine – January 2018

Jasmine died yesterday after much suffering and neglect.
She had a colic, a urinary tract infection, and wounds to her feet. She worked all summer to death. R.I.P.

Unnamed Horse – June 2016

Palma, Spain. An undignified end. The horse is removed by an Emaya truck.

A horse used to draw one of the city’s carriages was killed yesterday morning at around 9.45am in Dalt Murada. It would seem that the horse suddenly bolted, crashed into a wall and was killed and that the cause of this was that it panicked when a tourist went to pet it.

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